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What Is A Telomere?

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Product B With Telomere Spport

Product B With
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Telomere Science Secrets Discovered!

How Product B Targets The Ultimate Causes of Aging

Isagenix Product B with Telomere SupportProduct B with Telemere Support

Go beyond surface symptoms to target the ultimate causes of aging. This is the revolutionary product your body’s been waiting for.

Isagenix Product B is a ground-breaking product that takes advantage of the latest breakthroughs in modern science to provide what we believe is the best telomere support on the market.

Isagenix Product B with Telomere Support

Buy Product B with Telomere Support
Buy Now For $99

Isagenix Product B with Telomere SupportBuy Product B with Telomere Support
Buy Now For $77

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Live Long, Live Young and Target the Source of Aging Itself
This is the most exciting product Isagenix has launched, since developing their cleansing systems over a decade ago, and is now one of the five Pillars of Isagenix Health.

What is Isagenix Product B?

John Anderson (Master Formulator and Co-Founder of Isagenix) has created a strategic partnership with one of the world's leading scientists in the field of youthful aging, Dr Bill Andrews, Ph.D.

This has proved to be a very successful partnership. By utilizing John Anderson's 30+ years of formulating products using nature's best "superfoods" from around the world and Dr Bill Andrews' expert knowledge and experience in the field of Telomere support, they have created a unique, natural product which may help to support telomere health and assist the body in neutralizing free radicals that can cause aging and contribute to poor health.

Already people all around the world are talking about Product B and the impact this product could have on youthful aging.

Isagenix Product B uses a proprietary formula which consists of over 28 different minerals and botanicals working together synergistically to support the body.

People using Isagenix Product B reported a range of benefits including:

What are Telomeres?

There's been a lot of publicity about Telomeres recently. In 2009 3 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their research in to Telomeres and their effect on aging. Isagenix, in collaboration with Dr Bill Andrews, is right at the forefront of scientific developments in this field.

The human body consists of tiny structures called chromosomes. These are essentially long strands of DNA that are in charge of all the processes that take place in our body. They hold all our vital genetic information and determine our personal characteristics (e.g. hair colour, skin type, sex).Telomere What We Lose With Age

At the start and end of each chromosome is a "telomere" whose function is to protect the chromosome from damage. As we age, our cells divide in order to copy and preserve genetic information. Every time a cell divides, the telomere at both ends gets a bit shorter and some is lost.

Recently scientists have noticed that cells may stop reproducing when the telomere becomes too short. By protecting telemeres, we are effectively able to slow down the aging process and ensure DNA and generic features remain intact for longer.